Programmes :: Basic Education and livelihoods skills Development

Carpentry and joinery

For the year ending 2009,
15 youth were trained in employable skills in entrepreneurial, carpentry and joinery.


Adult Functional Literacy

Illiteracy is said to be one of the contributory factors to poverty. Many people especially the underprivileged youth have had no chance of attending formal education. Having realized this phenomenon, Youth AID started a Functional adult Literacy program to help the unprivileged youth to read and write and numeracy.

Youth Aid Uganda supports setting- up of individual or group small scale entrepreneurships, vocational skills training to spur production and create new jobs for youth, as well as providing small grants to youth to jumpstart their businesses.


The core Focus Areas: Support to Formal Education, Basic non-formal Education, Life Skills, Vocational Skills Training, Entrepreneurial skills and Adult Functional Literacy.


Basic Education and livelihoods skills development is geared at contributing to the skills development for self reliance and survival for the youth. YAU is promoting this through training the youth in vocational and entrepreneurial skills.

Skills and Information sharing among young people for development.

Adult Functional Literacy

This programme is designed basically for young people (aged 18-35 years) who may not have access to formal education. This is to help the youth to have a chance of knowing how to write and read. FAL is aimed at enhancement of functional adult literacy skills with emphasis on private entrepreneurial education and vocational skills so as to improve the youth’s productivity.



The tailoring section was designed to equip the youth with skills in sewing and embroidery. Trainees are taken through various designs and fashions. The enrollment for this year was 55 youth but out of these 48 managed to complete the training.


Vocational Skills Training

The program provides vocational skills training for orphans and other vulnerable children to address issues of unemployment likely to face in future. This seeks to fill the gap of unemployment among youth through imparting practical and employable skills so as to contribute to the millennium development goal 1. It targets orphans and other vulnerable children aged 15-24 years. The beneficiaries acquire various skills like tailoring, embroidery, craft making, carpentry and joinery.    

Entrepreneurial skills

This project aims at enhancing the economic opportunities of vulnerable youth. It trains youth (aged 18-35 years) in entrepreneurial skills and empowers them with start-up capital funds (Revolving fund), to start-up or re-enforce their Income Generating Activities (IGAs) as a means to create employment leading to earning a decent income and improvement in their quality of life, thus eradication of household poverty in communities. IGAs includes among others candle wax making, poultry, mushroom growing, animal husbandry and small scale business development.

ICT and Computer skills Training

The project’s aim is to promote and advance all youth towards this new advancing technology. Computer training is very effective for helping young women and men to become economically independent. The project targets young people aged 15-35 years who are trained in ICT and computer skills thus making them more competent for jobs, have ability to start up their own computer aided jobs and link up with the outside world.  


As the world is on the run with information and communication technology, there is a need for young people to be equipped with such knowledge so as to cope with the challenging world. Youth AID Uganda has so far passed on this knowledge to 37 youth (20 male and 17 female).



Other Programmes: Human Rights promotion, Health education & promotion.